Romantic Interest 1.2


Welcome back to The Nardone Legacy! Last time, we ended off with two vampires who invited themselves over to Chasity’s house and she had just kicked them out. The vampires left without a problem, thankfully. As they were leaving, I noticed this plasma fruit tree starting to sprout. I absolutely love the fact that it pulses.

Also, it was getting rather too close to Chasity’s birthday for comfort, considering she was still childless, unmarried and not anywhere close to meeting her aspiration, which I called a lifetime whim last chapter (what an idiot). I figured that she needed some help with deciding who to go for, and I chose the sim that she rolled the most non-romantic whims for.

Which, thankfully, happened to be Caleb.


That night, Chasity invited Caleb out to the ruins with the dirty pond/pool thing. I planned on them swimming or something and then flirting, but Chasity and Caleb had different ideas.

It was also at this moment that she rolled the wish to ask Caleb to turn her into a vampire.

My day couldn’t get any better.

Even if she never rolled any whims for Caleb or it didn’t work out, she wouldn’t turn into an adult without accomplishing anything! She wouldn’t ever have to age again!


Chasity: “Thank you for coming out here with me, Caleb. I really appreciate it.”

Caleb: “No problem, Chasity, I enjoy spending time with you.”


Chasity: “So…are you seeing anybody?”

Caleb: “Nope. Oh, by the way, the event ended, so I’m going to be going home now.”

I kid you not. At that exact moment we find out that Caleb is single (and hopefully ready to mingle) the event ended and he took off.






Alright, so change of plans. They weren’t going to have their first kiss by the bonfire/after swimming, but they were going to kiss, damn it.

I had Chasity invite him out on a date instead, and I had her flirt with him immediately. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice, and thankfully, Caleb was definitely into it.

I had them go to a restaurant since I have Dine Out, and they went to a premade restaurant that I plopped down in New Crest named Villa Bovine.


I wasn’t entirely certain if Caleb could eat human food, but I er, I mean…Chasity decided that we were going to find out. The looks these two give each other make me extremely excited that I had to help Chasity out. I would’ve preferred her to roll the whims for him herself, but sometimes sims need a little push. Besides, if she ever rolls the whim for any other sim, I’d just have them break up. Nothing was set in stone just yet.


And of course at dinner, in public, was the first time that Caleb had to act like a total vampire.

Chasity: “Um…Caleb…you’re completely reminding me of Vlad right now.”

Caleb: “Bleh, bleh!”


In the romance section there was an ‘exchange numbers’ option, so I clicked it and Chasity basically sent Caleb a flirty text. I thought that they had already exchanged numbers, since he’s texted her multiple times before, but oh well. It’s a cute option, regardless. Caleb looked so happy that he got a text message from Chasity.

Caleb: “I will save this in my inbox forever.”


Experiment: Success!

Caleb ate human food without a problem! Or, at least, he didn’t seem like he had a problem. I had them both get the nectar/wine/whatever you want to call it because it was the Chef’s Choice and it was pretty cheap. They had a lovely time on their date, earning a silver medal.


At the end of the night, the two of them had their first kiss.


They are honestly the cutest couple. I’ve never had sims making lovey-dovey eyes at each other before they ever flirted before. I can’t express how much it makes my hopeless romantic heart melt.


Early the next day Caleb sent a text, “I can’t get you out of my mind lately. Wanna go on a date and get some breakfast at The Diving Pelican?” So of course I had her say yes! She was starving anyways, despite eating a rather good meal the night before. After the meal, since she was flirty, I had her passionately kiss Caleb, who seemed to enjoy it.


After a while Chasity asked Caleb if he’d like to become her boyfriend, and he enthusiastically agreed.

Nope, I change my mind. It’s set in stone. Even if she rolls whims for other sims I’ll pretend I didn’t see them. These two are absolutely perfect for each other.


Chasity also invited Caleb over to her house for a little “couple time”. Look at those lovely stains on the wall…I’d hate to know what that stuff is.


Chasity: “Hey Caleb…why don’t we go upstairs?”

Caleb: “Oh I like the way you are thinking, darling…”


Official-Becoming-A-Couple-Honorary Woohoo.


I had Chasity ask if Caleb wanted to join the Garden Gnomes so it would give them an excuse to hang out during club gatherings, and he agreed, saying something like he’d “love to join the Garden Gnomes” or something along those lines. Chasity started a club gathering after they woohooed, and they changed into this. I know it’s hard to see, but Caleb’s PJ pants have turned green.

The rest of Caleb’s traits are Foodie and Materialistic. He has also now gotten a job in the Business field, apparently, because when I hovered over his name it said so. Oh, well, okay, good for you, Caleb!


I figured it was time for an update on Chasity’s garden, which isn’t so little anymore. It’s actually pretty successful, too. She’s evolving a lot of plants and earning more and more simeleons off of it. As you can see, she had about five garlic plants now, and thankfully there haven’t been any more visits from Vlad or any other vampire.

Lucas, the little boy who contacted Chasity about skipping school sent Chasity a text that said, “I heard you and Caleb started dating! Congratulations on landing a new boyfriend!” I’m not entirely certain who informed him on this development…but…thanks kid?

Chasity: “That’s actually really kind of creepy…but nice of him.”


A few days after they stared dating, Chasity figured it would be smart if she continued to increase her relationship with Caleb’s sister, Lilith, and I had them take a selfie for Chasity’s picture wall.

I had no idea that the game saved all the selfies and pictures of other sims that your sim took. I had quite a lot non-legacy related selfies in my screenshots folder when I went to go edit/sort through all the legacy pictures I had taken. It was quite the surprise.


Lilith: “So, Chasity. I heard you are courting my brother. When do you plan to wed?”

Chasity: “Excuse me? Lilith…we just started dating a few days ago.”

Lilith: “As I am aware. When you told me you were an, ah, ‘founder’, I searched it on the internet. As it turns out, most founders find and marry their spouse within a day and become with child immediately. You, however, have neither a spouse nor a child.”

Chasity: “A DAY?! Are you serious? So I’m behind?”

Lilith: “Unfortunately. Fortunately, however, I enjoy you. You make my brother happy. This will be our little secret as well, but he was expecting the ring days ago.”

Chasity: “Oh…”


Lilith: “Ah, Caleb, you return home from work. The woman you are courting and I were having a pleasant chat.”

Caleb: “I hope you didn’t bring up that founder nonsense to her. I told you to leave it alone.”

Lilith: “Why I would never…”


Chasity immediately got up to kiss Caleb.

Lilith: “Ah, yes. This I approve of.”


I don’t really have an excuse for why they woohooed, maybe it was to relieve some of Caleb’s work stress. Either way, they both enjoyed it.


Of course Caleb immediately changed back into his work attire, leaving Chasity to be the only one in her bed outfit. However, that didn’t seem to bug Chasity. No, Chasity was thinking about what Lilith had said. At first, she was startled; maybe even a little hesitant…but now, now it was all she could think of.

She surprised herself by wanting to spend the rest of her life with Caleb. She hadn’t really thought of it before, but after Lilith’s comment…it seemed right.


Chasity: “Caleb, I love you with all my heart. I’m not quite sure where this ring came from-”

Lilith: “I slipped it in your purse!”

Chasity: “…Ookay….I offer you this ring Lilith slipped in my purse. I’m not really sure how it managed to make its way from my purse to my hands, but will you marry me?”


Caleb: “I’m not going to marry you just because my sister pushed you into this…”

Chasity: “Caleb, I want this. It didn’t occur to me until she said something. I know most founders get married day one, but I didn’t roll any whims then. Now, after our first date, you are the only one I roll whims for. Please…marry me.”




He said yes.




Caleb: “Lilith, I’m not quite sure how you knew we were done, but Chasity and I are-”

Lilith: “You two are engaged, yes I heard. I was listening in through the door this entire time. I am pleased.”

Chasity seemed to busy looking at Caleb to really hear what Lilith said, though. They both look so happy, look at them!

I love this couple so much.

And nothing says you love each other like sticking your fingers into your new fiancée’s abdomen. Way to go, Caleb, way to go.


Remember how I mentioned Chasity’s wall of photographs? Well here it is! I plan on having her take a selfie each new week I’ve already missed a week or two and so far it’s going great!

That night when I finally had Chasity return back to her small home, one of the vampires last chapter (Rayland) send Chasity a text message congratulating her on her engagement. Whoa, calm down there, buddy! How does everybody know literally what happened five hours after it happens? Who informs these people??


The next day Chasity got a text message from Lilith that read, “Heard you got a promotion, congrats! I think lunch at Villa Bovine would be the perfect way to celebrate. You in?”

Uh…Lilith…she didn’t get a promotion…she doesn’t even really have a career…but I had Chasity accept regardless. I should really stop going out to restaurants when people want me to, Chasity’s too broke to keep paying for expensive meals.


Since they were friends, and I really wanted to know what Lilith thought of Vlad, I had Chasity ask her.

Chasity: “Hey, Lilith, you remember Vlad? The older vampire who complimented my veins based on your advice? What do you think of him?”


Lilith: “Who?”

Chasity: “Vladislaus. He’s the one who came back and bit me for revenge for you giving him bad dating advice.”

Lilith: “Never heard of him.”

I couldn’t believe it. In game Lilith honestly had no idea who Vlad was. Who doesn’t know who Vlad is? I thought everyone in Forgotten Hollow knew who Vlad was!


I, er, I mean, Chasity thought it was perfect time to get a little revenge.

Chasity: “Oh, he’s a very sweet guy. I’ve also heard he’s single. You should hit him up.”


Lilith: “Vladislaus sounds like a catch. I’ll introduce myself when I see him.”

Chasity: “That is an excellent idea.”

Chasity and Lilith had a wonderful time eating, and I soon found out that Lilith couldn’t stomach human food. She immediately threw up after trying to eat it, so instead of allowing her to eat anymore, I had Chasity pay the bill – which was 75 simoleons! – and leave. I figured that Chasity could just fix something up at home, and I made a mental note to not accept anymore of Lilith’s Dine Out proposals.


Chasity went home and cooked some food, just for this to happen…



Chasity: “Oh no, I’m pregnant.”

And that, my friends, is where I shall leave you! I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you next time!


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