The Days That Follow 1.1


Welcome back to The Nardone Legacy! Last time we left off, Chasity had gone over to Caleb Vatore’s house, just to find out that he had a vampire sister.

Chasity: “Well…Caleb…you didn’t tell me your sister was going to be here. Or that you had a sister, period.”


It seems like Caleb wants to be more than friends, however; he introduced Chasity to his sister with an arm around her.

Caleb: “Hey, sis, this is that human I was telling you about. You know, the one directly across the street from us. This is Chasity Nardone.”

Lilith: “Caleb, I have told you time and time again that it is utterly atrocious that you are talking like you are from this century. Welcome, Chasity Nardone. I am Lilith Vatore.”

Chasity: “Oh, hello, Lilith.”


Chasity: “I’m going to kill you for doing this to me.”

Caleb: “What?”

Chasity: “Oh, nothing. I’m so happy to be here right now. So. Happy.”

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t exactly what happpened, but I could just imagine that happening in my head, just by her facial expression alone. There’s no way she didn’t think it, at least.


Once inside, Chasity asked where the restroom was so she could “check her powder”, and her choice of words got an approving nod from Lilith.

In reality, however, she was just going to go wash her hands twice in a row.

Chasity: “I’m so dead, I’m so dead, why did you have me accept his invitation?”

Look, Chasity…I kind of forgot about his sister from the livestream. They really only focused on Vlad and the Sim Gurus.

Chasity: “Who?”

Oh, it doesn’t really matter, I assume you’ll meet Vlad, at least…eventually…

Chasity: “Great. This is fantastic.”


Like the amazing guest she is, she came to Caleb’s house hungry, and I had to cancel out actions of grabbing/fixing food every several minutes until I decided to say screw it and let her do what she wanted. If she wanted to get kicked out of Caleb’s house for “doing something inappropriate”, she could. I didn’t really care.

Although, to my surprise, Caleb and Lilith could’ve given two craps about her feeding herself. What the two vampires were doing with a fridge stocked full of human food, I’ll never know.

Chasity: “Caleb…it’s really okay. I can fix this myself.”

Caleb: “It’s been so long since I’ve seen anyone use the microwave…in all honesty, I still don’t know what it does completely. I’ll just stand here and watch you.”

Chasity: “Oh, okay. That’s lovely.”


Chasity is a better person – er, sim, I suppose – than I am. The second the guy who invited me over to his house started playing on his phone and his sister watched me eat, I’d be out of there faster than Caleb and Lilith could run with their vampire speed. It didn’t seem to bother Chasity, though.

Chasity: “I’m used to people watching me eat. Watching my entire existence, actually.”

Aw, c’mon now. You’re making me sound like such a creep.


Lilith: “How do you enjoy Forgotten Hollow so far, Chasity?”

Chasity: “Well…I like the lamposts at night. They look pretty.”

Caleb: *plays on phone* “Oh my plumbob, someone caught Vlad munching on a sim. I thought he was better than that.”


Eventually, however, Chasity got tired of Caleb playing on his phone.

Chasity: “Look, Lilith, I love talking to you and all, but if Caleb continues to play on his phone, I’m gonna burst. He invited me over and all he’s doing is playing on his phone and ignoring his guest.”


Lilith: “Oh, excuse me, Chasity, I appear to have gotten what you call a ‘text message’. How do I reply to one of these? I always get so confused.”

Chasity: “When the hell did Caleb get a book?”

Caleb: “What do you mean? I’ve had it this entire time.”

Chasity: “No you-oh, whatever. I’ll just stare at your chandelier then.”


Chasity did seem to like Lilith, though. Whenever they would get done talking, she’d always give her this smile. Although, since Chasity is Cheerful, she seems to like everyone. I should’ve given her the Outgoing trait, seeing as she always rolls whims to talk to people, hug people, meet people, etc etc.

Lilith: “I enjoy this human, Caleb. I normally do not find them as enjoyable as this one. You should court her so she can become part of our coven.”

Chasity: “Oh, um…”

Soon after this, I noticed it was like four or so in the morning so I sent Chasity home for some sleep.


In the following days I had Chasity go around Forgotten Hollow collecting items she could either sell or plant. The scenery around Forgotten Hollow is absolutely beautiful, it makes a great location for some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, the pictures for the legacy are the only pictures I’ve taken in any of my sims saves, and I have to admit, I love it. It is a lot more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be, and the pictures turn out really pretty. At least, after I play around with the angles and stuff for a bit. I do apologize if the early pictures aren’t amazing, I will get better and learn more in time.


I think these were the Wolfsbane flower I had her pick up once I could harvest them. They’re actually very pretty, and they’d make a stunning addition to Chasity’s small little garden she’s growing.

So far I’m very pleased with this game pack, even though I’m only a few sim days into it.


There is the Sixam Fly trap thing, which I thought was super cool. I didn’t have any pictures of Chasity harvesting it because it wasn’t ready, but I felt I needed to include it because it’s new and it’s different. The second Chasity can harvest this thing, you bet she’s going to. I can’t wait until she’s able to plant it in her own garden.


I also had her go fishing some more, just because I figured it would be a good idea. She actually caught a batfish or vampirefish, (I cannot remember which it was and I didn’t write the name down and my memory is horrid), but it ended up being a pretty good fish to sell. I believe it was over a hundred simoleons. She even caught it on a lower skill level, which was fantastic! I figured something like that would either require bait or a higher level…thankfully it didn’t.

At this point I believe we have a thousand simoleons, which isn’t the greatest, but it isn’t the worst, either.


I apologize if the night shots are hard to see, when I was resizing the pictures on my desktop they didn’t seem so dark, but on my laptop the glare is horrid and I can’t really make out what the pictures are so I apologize deeply. I’ll keep this in mind for the future.

On the third of fourth night a sim by the name of Shelby Ewing appeared at like midnight or something, ringing the doorbell. After looking at the time, I figured he had to be a vampire, but I wasn’t expecting him to be an elder!

I feel like the vampires should be young adults or just adults, but okay, I can roll with an elder vampire.


I decided to wake Chasity to go and greet the man, because why not? Isn’t this why I purchased vampires? Besides, anyone could be a potential spouse – even an elder vampire.

Chasity: “Hi! My name is Chasity.”

Shelby: “Hello, Chasity, I’m Shelby. Your veins look spectacular…”

Chasity: “Well, that’s a new one. Not even Caleb or Lilith said that, but thank you, I think.”


Shelby: “I heard that you are new to Forgotten Hollow, and I decided to stop by and drink-oops, did I say drink? I meant introduce myself.”

Chasity: “Oh, well…that’s…nice of you…”


Chasity decided that it was time to go back to sleep, and I figured he’d leave on his own, but instead he spread his arms out and…


…turned into a bat.


He decided to turn into a bat just to appear several feet inside the house. Buddy…you could’ve walked…it’s okay…

I thought the bat was interesting, but it was kind of a let down…turning into a bat was used as teleportation, basically. For some reason I had it in my head that they would turn into the bat and literally fly as a bat visibly across the map at all times to wherever they were going, not turn into a bat and literally fly into the sky and appear in a cloud of mist. Oh well.


Of course, if you can make it out in the picture, Vladislaus Straud appeared at the door while Shelby was inside. Two vampires?! I didn’t think the game would send two of them on the same night!

Right before Vladislaus knocked on the door, Chasity got a text message that read, “Hello there. I just wanted to welcome you to the community and…my that’s a lovely neck you have there.”

That is literally the creepiest thing he could’ve said. That message alone basically tells you to stay away from Vlad.

So, naturally, that’s what I did, right?

Haaa. Nope. You really expect me, the simmer who gave their potential vampire the Loves Outdoors trait, to stay inside?



Chasity: “Hello! I am Chasity. I got your text message…I’m not quite sure how you got my number, though.”

Vlad: “Greetings, Chasity.”


Chasity: “Look, I’m sure you’re a swell guy, but-no, Vlad, this is my phone. You can’t have it, and you can’t just text me and tell me my veins look nice. That is beyond creepy.”

Vlad: “Lilith told me you would find it absolutely flattering…”

Chasity: “Well Lilith is full of surprises, isn’t she? That is not the way to get the girl.”


Vlad, who was so upset by Lilith’s messed up dating advice, he kicked over Chasity’s garbage can.

Vlad: “That is the last time I listen to a word Lilith says…”


Chasity: “I understand that you are upset, but you can’t just go kicking over trashcans, either. It’s very late. Please, I think it’s time for you to leave.”

Vlad: “You are rejecting Vladislaus Straud! You will rue this day!”

This is this first time I’ve seen a vampire hiss. Does Vlad have the weakness that makes him hiss in social situations? I’m not quite sure…but I thought it was funny. He must think he is the coolest vampire of all time to do something so ridiculous like this.


After a while of gardening, Chasity was finally able to evolve some plants! The higher quality the plants, the more income she has. We just recently had to pay bills which were about 400 some simoleons, which wasn’t too too bad, but it still drained most of the money we had. I also had her buy more seeds and scavenge some more to find new plants to plant. I’ve never really played with gardening before, and I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I especially enjoy not having to wait for her to return from work every day.


In the middle of gardening, Chasity got a message from the blonde in the picture (Clara?) that read, “Hey Chasity! We’d love to have you join Powerhouse. What do you think?” 

So, of course, I had her join Powerhouse because why not? I doubt we’ll ever see Powerhouse after this initial meeting, though, but it gives me an excuse to leave the neighborhood and go to Windenburg.


Immediately I had Chasity go talk with Paolo, who could potentially be a spouse. Usually I let the sims choose their spouses based on their whims for other sims, but Chasity hadn’t rolled any whims for anybody yet in a romantic way, so I figured it was time to meet more sims, which was another reason why I joined the Powerhouse. I knew that there were single sims in the club, and if not, there would have to be some single sims at the gym.

Chasity really should’ve been an Outgoing sim with how much she gets along with everyone. And, to no surprise, Paolo and Chasity got along pretty well.


Chasity: “So…I’m a founder in a legacy and I was wondering if you’d maybe want to be my spouse?”

Paolo: “A what? A spouse for a what? Legacy? What’s that? What’s a founder? It sounds kind of like a joke.”

Chasity: “Nevermind, I’m not rolling any whims for you yet. We’ll see in a couple of days.”


Since we were at the gym, I figured we might as well have her workout. I had her kick off ask the blonde from earlier (I’m so convinced her name is Clara but I’m not 100% sure) to get off of the treadmill so Chasity could use it. The second she did that, I realized that Don Lothario was next to her.


I’d rather her not marry Lothario, but I figured if she really wanted to, I’d let her. So, I had her introduce herself. After a while, though, I couldn’t tell if he was looking at Chasity or Bella Goth in the background.

Don: “Holy plumbob, look at that butt…”

Chasity: “Excuse me?”

Don: “Oh shoot, sorry, what were you saying? I got…distracted.”

Please oh please, Chasity, don’t roll any whims for him.


Once she got back from the Powerhouse club outing, I had her take a quick jog through Forgotten Hollow. She didn’t seem to mind it, and I got a pretty good screenshot of Vlad’s graveyard.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last workout picture of the entire legacy, to be honest. My sims are just like me – lazy and forgetful.


Speaking of that devil Vladislaus…


When Chasity was sound asleep in her bed, some creepy music came on and there appeared Vlad, who started doing the “creepy” walking style. Confused, I had no idea what he was doing here…


…and then he walked into the house unannounced.

That made me even more confused. What the hell was he doing?

Vlad: “I warned you…”


It took me a few minutes of gazing at him to realize that he was here to suck Chasity’s blood!

I remember the Sim Gurus on the Vampires livestream saying that if you had a human sim and they didn’t have garlic around their house/on their person they might get a few “visits” from vampires, but honestly, I thought they were over-exaggerating to hype the pack. I didn’t realize that vampires would literally show up in the middle of the night to drink your sims’ blood!

Vlad: “…you will rue the day you rejected Vladislaus Straud.”


Chasity: “Wh…what is…going…on…?”


Vlad turned into his dark form right in front of Chasity, who was too mesmerized by vampire magic to care. Jeez though, his teeth are creepy.


He began to drink her blood for what seemed like years, which in reality was only a few sim hours. Every time he pulled back I expected him to be done drinking, but he’d always go back for more.


Look at the puncture marks!! That is the coolest thing I have ever seen in the sims game. I absolutely love that the marks are there.

Vlad: “I’m stuffed! Couldn’t drink another bite! I won’t turn her, but Chasity’s so delicious it would take a LOT of garlic to keep me away next time! I’ll be back when I crave another midnight snack.”


After he was done with his drink, she immediately passed out. Looks like we have to invest in some garlic!


Sporting her bite mark the next morning, I had Chasity gather the garlic from around Caleb’s house because it was free. If I bought garlic seeds outright it would cost a 100 simoleons! At this point, we didn’t have that kind of money.


I think that the bite mark is the coolest thing in this game up to date. Or, at least, the coolest thing with the new pack. I was always saddened that the Sims 3 never had bite marks, but then again, I think it was harder to bite sims in the Sims 3 versus Sims 4.

Seeing those bite marks makes me want to play a vampire more and more, and the more time goes on, the more I really want to turn Chasity, but we’ll leave that decision up to her.


Caleb sent me at text that said something like “hey it’s cool that you’re friends with Moira” and I figured, hey, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Caleb, we’ll go over to his house.

Caleb: “Oh plumbob! What happened to your neck?!”

Chasity: “Oh, that. Yeah…Vlad Straud came and took a nice bite out of my neck. I have the bite mark and the nice negative moodlet to prove it and everything.”

Caleb: “Nobody should feed on mortals! That’s absolutely horrifying that he’d do such a thing. I’ll fight him for your honor.”

Chasity: “Caleb, really, it’s fine. I planted a bunch of garlic in my front lawn, I think that’ll keep him away.”


Of course since we were there, I figured I’d have Chasity work on her relationship with Lilith, despite the fact that Lilith gave Vlad bad romance advice (probably on purpose since she wants Caleb and Chasity to be a thing).

Lilith: “Chasity! Which vampire marked your flesh?”

Chasity: “Your friend Vladi…you know what? I can’t pronounce his first name.”

That makes two of us. No matter how long I stare at the name Vladislaus, I cannot figure out how to pronounce it.

Caleb: “I’ll text him right now and challenge him to a vampiric duel.”


Chasity still hasn’t rolled any whims for anybody just yet, but she and Caleb keep sharing these looks that I can’t help but hope she rolls whims for Caleb. Look at them!


Lilith: “Honestly, brother? Did you absolutely have to stand in the middle of our conversation? Chasity and I were discussing Vladislaus. I am absolutely horrified he took it this far.”

Caleb: “I hear words coming out of your mouth, but I just don’t really care.”

Look at them…look at that look. You cannot tell me that there are going to be no whims rolled for this man.


Chasity apparently got tired of staring at Caleb, because after a little bit of staring at each other she promptly sat down and decided that playing the organ was more important.

Chasity: “I want one of these.”

You are too broke for it.


Chasity has a wall in her house specifically for photos she takes and she went to go take a picture of Lilith when Caleb decided that being a dirtbag was more fun and stood in front of the camera.

Caleb: “Do you have an excellent view of my backside, Chasity?”

Lilith: “Brother…I will kill you one of these days while you hibernate.”



Caleb: “…Chasity…”

Okay, okay…I’m done.


Okay, for real this time, this is the last picture I’ll fawn over them.


“Let’s ditch school and go play hooky somewhere!” says the kid we met once or twice. He’s from the Garden Gnomes. Well, after a while, you can see their friendship improved so much that Chasity could kiss his cheek. I know I’ve seen that action before in my other save files, but I didn’t know you could kiss random sims who weren’t even related to you. I suppose anything is possible once the friendship is high enough.

…This could be considered really creepy if Chasity wasn’t such a nice sim who tried to become friends with literally everyone.


Again, back to the grind we go! This time I sent her to Oasis Springs to hopefully find some more plants I could harvest for her lifetime whim (wish? Want? What is it called in this game?)*, but unfortunately nothing was harvestable. We’re so close to being able to graft items in the gardening skill, and I happen to know that the last step of her lifetime whim* is to grow a cowplant, so I have to either fish the seed out of the water or graft it.

Knowing my luck, grafting it is.

*it’s actually called an aspiration…


Back in Forgotten Hollow we found the very first plasma fruit tree I’ve seen in this game. I figured that even if she didn’t become a vampire, she could sell the fruit for simoleons, so I had her harvest it.


When she arrived back at her house it was late, and there was another suspected vampire knocking at her door. His name was Rayland Power, and he was also a young adult. She still wasn’t rolling whims for any potential spouses, so I had her greet him.

I thought that once you planted garlic the vampires would stop visiting, but apparently that was false. I either need more garlic or the game is glitched.


Later on that exact same night, another vampire named Bret Christy came and knocked on the door.


Chasity: “This is ridiculous. I don’t need all these vampires here while I’m trying to eat some food.”

Bret: “I will fight you, man, for this human right here.”

Rayland: “But…I don’t want to fight…”

Chasity: “That’s it, everyone out.”

And that is where I will leave you! I hope that longer chapters like this one is okay, because I take way too many pictures and I have such a hard time trying to figure out which pictures to cut. Until next time!


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