Meet the Founder 1.0


Hello and welcome to The Nardone Legacy! I was getting bored with my usual play style for the Sims 4 so I decided I needed to switch things up. After purchasing the Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack, I figured this was a good time to start a legacy. This is the first Sims 4 legacy I’ve attempted to document, and the first time playing with the Vampires Game Pack.

I plan on following most of the regular legacy challenge rules, and I decided to have a few succession laws. The Gender Law I chose is Strict Equality, the Bloodline one is Modern, Heir law is Random, and the Species Law is Tolerant. Also, the heirs will all have the same tattoo that the founder has, just for extra giggles. If you would like anymore information, please view the About the Legacy page.

Alright! Now on with the show!

This is our founder, Miss Chasity Nardone, a young adult who is brand new to Forgotten Hollow. She is Cheerful, Loves the Outdoors, a Perfectionist and has the Freelance Botanist Aspiration which comes with the Collector trait.


The first thing I had Chasity do on her brand new lot was buy and plant some seeds because I want the founder and every heir after them to complete at least their first aspiration. As you can see there are a few sparkles above her head due to the lot traits. Chasity’s house has only two lot traits. I left the original lot trait, the new Registered Vampire Lair trait because I either want to turn Chasity into a vampire at some point or earn money from the free items they send us. Using that to my advantage is probably cheating somewhere, but since I didn’t see it, I will use all the help I can get.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why give her the Love Outdoors trait if you want to turn her into a vampire? The answer is pretty simple, actually. I thought it would be interesting. A potential vampire that loves being outdoors but is cursed to walk only the night? The internal struggle that would cause…the drama…

I’m evil.

I did it because I’m evil.

The last lot trait I chose was Homey because it helped build the gardening skill faster. Hey, as I said earlier, I will use all the help I can get.


This house was the only one she could afford in the new neighborhood, and I thought it was absolutely perfect. It’s beat up, run down, and the lot is big enough for expansion…assuming the game doesn’t glitch up and make me move.

Before we get any further, let me warn you ahead of time; I suck at building in the Sims. Now I know a lot of people say that, but I’m so uncreative when it comes to building that it hurts. Whenever I look at my creations, it physically hurts me. So, due to my horrid building skills, I had her move into the cheapest premade house.

Besides, I really like the worn-down look of this house.


In my game, nothing works correctly. The Neighborhood Welcoming Committee never stops by to give the sims free fruitcake and interact with them, so I’ve grown used to having to scout the neighborhood for sims that I can greet on my own. The first sim I came across was Moira Fyres (or something like that), which is great, because I planned on having Chasity join the Garden Gnomes.

Chasity: “Hi! I’m Chasity, I’m new to the neighborhood.”

Moira: “Hi, that’s great and all, but what is that freak doing at your house?”

Chasity: “Huh?”


Of course this is the one time that the Neighborhood Welcoming Committee decides to show up, even if it only contained one guy. I remember seeing screenshots of this guy, – or was he featured in the official livestream?  – and when I saw him, I nearly squealed. A vampire! This is the first vampire I’ve come across in game, and one of the potential goals was to turn Chasity, so this was absolutely perfect. His name is Caleb Vatore, and surprisingly, he didn’t burn in the sun, probably due to a vampire power.


Chasity: “Hi! My name is-”

Caleb: “I know what your name is. It’s Chasity.”

Chasity: “H…how did you know that? Did you read my mind?! That is so cool!”

Caleb: “…No. I watched you paint your name on the mailbox before I was forced to come greet you by the unknown forces. I don’t even have the mind reading power, if there is one.”

Chasity: “…Oh. That’s disappointing. Well, come in I guess.”


Whenever Chasity tried to interact with him he always made a face, and he didn’t even bring any fruitcake…the cheapo.

Caleb: “Vampire, remember? I need plasma, not normal sim food.”

Whatever. I doubt you even have that weakness.


He might not have been a fan of Chasity, but Chasity was definitely a fan of him.

Chasity: “Hehehe…a vampire…and he’s all mine…”

Alright girl, calm down there. We met him about five seconds ago. Even if he does have some pretty sick hair and an earring, you have to control yourself.


So the two of them ended up getting along pretty well after all, and their relationship built up pretty fast. This was probably one of the fastest forming friendships I’d had in the game. During their talk, Chasity and I found out that Caleb was unemployed and Ambitious, which I don’t really see how that makes any sense, but I’ll just roll with it.

Speaking of jobs, Chasity doesn’t have a “real” job either, in the sense. She’s going to take care of her garden and that’s how she’s going to earn her money. That’s also another reason why I had her keep the new vampire lot trait. Gardening, at least when you first start out, is a horrid way to earn money, so those unneeded blood bags will definitely come in handy.

I see unpaid bills in our future.


Look at that! Caleb also has fangs outside of his dark form. I think that’s so cool.


After a while of talking, the temptation became to great and I, *ahem* I mean Chasity couldn’t resist making a vampire pun.

Chasity: “Did you see the end of the vampire video game tournament? They were neck and neck!

Caleb: “…Did…did you really just say that to me?”


Caleb: “Disgusting.”


Apparently he didn’t think the pun was that awful, however, because he eventually smiled.


And then he decided that chatting online or whatever was more important than talking to Chasity.

How rude.

Chasity, however, didn’t seem to mind that much.


Eventually Caleb decided it was time to leave, saying that, “We’re so lucky to have such great neighbors like you!” which I thought was kinda cute. I’ve never had that said about a sim before.

After he left, Chasity had a whim to send a happy text. I had her send it to Moira, because I wanted them to be friends. Moira responded with something that basically said “hey let’s hang out” so off Chasity went. Moira chose one of the coffee shops, and since Chasity was hungry, I had her order a croissant.

Moira: “When is your croissant going to be ready? I’m going to steal it before you can have a chance to grab it.”


After ordering her coffee, Moira sat at a different table with other people and forced Chasity to remain by herself, with her phone as her only company.

Good thing I’m going to have Chasity steal her club right out from under her, er, I mean, have Chasity be understanding and want to join the club anyways.


After the event ended, I had Chasity return home and serve a group serving of chili beans, I believe, so she could store them in her fridge and eat from them for several days.


The Vampire Council ended up sending two unneeded blood bags, which I promptly sold for simoleons.


Chasity: “Um…I don’t think those beans agreed with me…”

Since that was the first time I had any of my sims eat the chili beans, this was the first sim fart I had ever experienced due to eating. I had absolutely no idea that the sims could fart after having beans. She was gassy quite a bit throughout the day.

Chasity: “Shut up! You don’t have to tell them that!”


After a day of dragging my feet, I had Chasity finally join the Garden Gnomes. Apparently they’re required to wear something green, because Chasity immediately changed into this outfit once she arrived there. Her skirt was originally black, and I have to say, I’m not a fan of the kind of green the game chose for her, but it is what it is.

Chasity: “Um, little boy…shouldn’t you be in school?”

Little boy: “Nah, ditching is what all the cool kids do. Especially for a garden club.”


This guy wandered onto the lot soon after Chasity and the Garden Gnomes arrived, and I had her go introduce herself because his hair was rather…interesting…and you never know, he could be a potential spouse.

Chasity: “My name is Chasity!”

Guy: “Mine is Anthony Dawkins, not that it really matters, because I doubt I’ll ever get featured in this legacy ever again.”

That’s probably true, but the generation is just starting, so you never know.


After talking with Anthony a bit, I had her go over and fish with the rest of her club. I figured getting her fishing skill up and selling the fish she caught wouldn’t be harmful. Besides, it was additional simoleons. Who says no to more simoleons?


Chasity: “See, Anthony! You were featured again!”

Anthony: “I know…it’s surprising…but watch this be my last appearance.”

Chasity: “Well…I was going to say something but no, no, you’re probably right. Unless you become my children’s father, then you’ll have to be featured.”

Anthony: “Um…I think I’ll pass.”

Chasity: “Thought so.”

They actually got along rather nicely, though, so if Chasity doesn’t find another spouse, she might have to go with mohawk guy here.


Chasity wanted to become friends with Moira to figure out her weaknesses and exploit them because she was a nice sim. Stargazing was the easiest way to gain friendship with her, and I’m all for the easier route.

Soon after this, Chasity gets a text from Caleb that goes, “Caleb Vatore is wondering if I want to go over to his house and hang out.” So, naturally, since it’s been a day since she’s seen her closest friend, I said why not.


Although I wasn’t expecting Caleb’s sister, Lilith, to be there as well. Did I mention he had a sister? Well, I didn’t know that either until I remembered hearing about her on the Vampires livestream, I think it was. And also, get this.

She was also a vampire.

So, essentially, that makes Chasity the only human sim between the three of them. Two vampires to one human sim…the odds don’t look very good. Be prepared to be eaten alive, Chasity.


“Well…plumbob. I’m screwed.”

And that, my friends, is where I shall leave you! I played through almost half of the first generation the day I installed Vampires, so there should be a healthy amount of chapters to post every week (or maybe twice a week) until we catch up to where I am in the game. I hope you liked the introductory chapter to the legacy! Until next time!


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