About the Legacy

Welcome to The Nardone Legacy! I decided that I was going to follow most of the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge rules.

As of the writing of this page (02-17-17), the rules I am not going to follow are as follows:

  •  You have to remain on one lot for the entire generation. (Mainly used for any glitch purposes)
  • The spouse cannot bring in money.
  • Not really a rule, but I’m not going to use a scoreboard. I’m doing this legacy for fun and not for points.

If I decide to change any other rules, I will let you know within that chapter and update this page with the date it was added/changed. I do plan on following the succession laws, which are as follows:

  • Gender Law: Strict Equality – the heir to the next generation must be the opposite gender as the heir before them. (Ex: if your founder is a girl, the second generation heir must be a boy, and then the third generation heir must be a girl, and that continues all the way to the tenth generation.)
  • Bloodline Law: Modern – both adopted and born children may become heir.
  • Heir Law: Random – heir of the next generation is chosen by the pool of eligible children. I will put the eligible heirs onto a random generator to determine the heir. I will do this two days before the first born reaches their Young Adult birthday.
  • Species Law: Tolerant – it doesn’t matter what species the child is, if they are of the opposite gender (for Strict Equality) they may be eligible for becoming heir.

Other things I plan on doing within the legacy:

  • I will be randomizing the traits using the Random Trait Generator and the Toddler Random Trait Generator because I am lazy and would like randomized traits instead of picking them out myself.
  • I will randomize most of the children names as well, using the in-game name randomizer.
  • All the heirs will have the same tattoo that the founder has for giggles.

Feel free to browse around the site. If you’re new here, start at the beginning, the Meet the Founder 1.0 with our founder Chasity Nardone, or if you’re returning, view the Table of Contents! Or, perhaps, take a look at the Sims 4 DLCs I own. If you are looking for a specific custom content item, check out the CC Used page!

If you would like to contact me or see what other sims-related shenanigans I get up to in my free time, take a peek at my simblr page, lavellansimss. I’ll probably post some behind the scene stuff relating to The Nardones as well!

Thank you for your time!